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D/F is a world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of MIG & TIG welding products, consumables & accessories.

NEW D/F Product Catalog

D/F CatalogD/F has released a brand new color product catalog! Featuring the most popular D/F MIG & TIG welding equipment, accessories and consumables, the catalog will cater to your informational and ordering needs.

You can request your own free copy of the catalog in two ways:

1. Email D/F at with your name, and your company's name and address of where you would like the catalog to be sent.

2. Fill out the reservation form located here.

DownloadClick to download the catalog as a digital PDF.

ST-12 Replacement Torches - Automatic and Robotic Heavy Duty Machine Torches - 850 Amps

D/F Automatic W/C-TipD/F Robotic W/C-Tip

Do you remember the great old Linde/ESAB ST-12? This was a very heavy duty, water-cooled torch that could handle just about any wire size in any job. This torch was sold for over 4 decades, and many of them are still being used to this day. You can still buy some of the parts for those old torches but they are very expensive and hard to find. The good news for ST-12 customers, and customers who simply need a very heavy duty water-cooled torch, is that we have been replacing those ST-12 torches for years with our new and improved Water-Cooled-to-the-Tip torch heads.

We are very familiar with the old Linde ST-12 because it is one of the best torches ever made. Yes, you can still get some of the parts for the ST-12, but they are charging way too much for the contact tips ($8 - $20 per tip), gas nozzles ($50 gas cup), and tip collet nuts ($45), etc. Since all we do at D/F is manufacture torches and consumables, we are able to keep torch and consumable prices down. Our torches and consumables are always in stock. The D/F contact tips are $1.58, gas nozzles and gas cups are $8.85 - $20.10, and collets for tips are $6.45. Our torch will pay for itself in months compared to the price of consumables for ST-12 torches.

D/F torches and parts are always in stock. We ship every torch and consumable order here in 3 days upon receipt of a PO. We also do a lot of next day orders for customers that are down and need help. One other key point to acknowledge is that the ST-12 was only available in one size with one profile. The new D/F Water-Cooled-to-the-Tip series torches are available in two different profiles (direct mounting or remote mounting) with two different body lengths for when more or less reach is needed, and with two different front barrel sizes for more or less gas coverage.

D/F Automatic W/C-TipImprove productivity with the Direct Mount Water-Cooled-to-the-Tip 850 amp continuous dudy cycle machine barrels for automatic welding systems. These torches receive their utilities at 90 degrees so that direct mounting can be accomplished. These torches have been specially designed to deposit more weld metal at fast travel speeds which eliminates bottlenecks and cuts costs.

These heavy duty machine torches are designed for high current (up to 850 amps) single arc welding. Very similar in design to the Linde ST-12, the D/F Machine Automatic Water-Cooled-to-the-Tip barrels are designed to provide long trouble-free service. They are available in 9.250" and 12.250" lengths, and each length is available with our standard size nozzles (7/16" through 3/4" ID gas cups) and our high capacity (Series A) nozzles (11/16" through 1" ID gas cups) for more gas coverage. Mounting extensions are available for when more length and reach are needed. These barrels are capable of running the full range of wires through 1/8" for stainless steel, inconel, and aluminum wires, and 5/32" for hard/cored wires. Because of the robust design of the torch and the water-cooling on the docking spool body, water-cooled nozzle and current tip, downtime and consumable cost can be greatly reduced. With the various models available, an automated MIG torch selection may be made to suit individual automated welding system requirements.

D/F Robotic W/C-TipThe fully Water-Cooled-to-the-Tip Remote Mount MIG Standard and Series-A Machine Torches are ideal for welding at currents up to 850 amps and large diameter wires. These torches receive their utilities at 180 degrees so that remote mounting can be accomplished. In a remote application the torch has a conduit, usually ranging from 2-15 feet.

Very similar in design to the Linde/ESAB ST-12 but with improvements and new features, the D/F Machine Water-Cooled-to-the-Tip Torch assemblies are designed to provide long trouble-free service. With the various models available, a contact assembly selection may be made to suit individual torch head requirements.

The Model NCM torch accommodates slip-in contact tips held by a collet nut. The Model HTM torch accommodates threaded contact tips. Combined the models will run .030"-.062" hard wire, .035"-5/32" cored wire, and .035"-1/8" aluminum wire.

  • Increases Contact Tip Life up to 7-to-1
  • Water-Cooling on the Tip
  • Water-Cooled Nozzle Assembly
  • Torch Longevity - Years vs. Months
  • Continuous Duty Cycles up to 1000° Preheat, 850 Amps
  • Easy Connection to All OEM Machines
  • Slip-In Or Threaded Contact Tip Models Available
  • .035”-1/8” Hard/Cored, 3/64”-1/8” Aluminum
  • Direct Replacement To Linde/Esab ST-12

When performing higher volume repeatable applications, a hard automation setup would be ideal to achieve higher production at a lower cost. With little interaction and down time required, the D/F Automatic Water-Cooled to the Tip torches are Ideal. The torch will last years compared to months by the competition. Due to the superior water cooling, the tip will last at least a shift rather than through just a couple parts, and will outlast the competition at least 7-to-1, and sometimes 14-to-1. The D/F Automatic Water-Cooled to the Tip torch is the right choice for your hard automation applications.

Click here to read more about the D/F Automatic (Direct Mount) Water-Cooled-to-the-Tip Machine Torches.

Click here to read more about the D/F Remote Mount Water-Cooled-to-the-Tip Machine Torches.

Due to the fact that every welding application is different because of size restrictions, access restrictions, positioning restrictions, etc., we have a solution for your unique application. By using separate utilities and a Utility Station, the D/F torches can carry more power, run cooler, provide more gas coverage, withstand extreme conditions (1000 degree pre-heat), increase weld quality (X-ray quality welds), and run the full range of wire through 1/8".

Click here to read more about D/F torch connection options.

If you have any questions about hard automation applications, D/F torch connection options, or about the D/F Fixed Automation Water-Cooled to the Tip torches, please do not hesitate to contact the factory.

32x32 logoPhone: (507) 625-6200 · Email:

We look forward to helping you with your welding applications!

Duty Cycles & Ratings

When using an arc welding machine, it is crucial to understand what its duty cycle is as it will help you preserve the life and quality of the machine. When purchasing a MIG welder it will have a specification on the packaging or in the manual called the duty cycle. This refers to the amount of welding that can be achieved in a given amount of time. The reason this specification is important is it informs the user of how long the MIG welder can work at its optimum level.

Duty cycle refers to the amount of time a welder will weld in a given time frame at given amperage. The duty cycle is a rating that indicates how long a welding machine can be used at its maximum output current without damaging it. Duty cycle is based on a ten-minute time period. A welding machine with a 60% duty cycle can be used at its maximum rated output current for six out of every ten minutes. The welding machine may overheat if the duty cycle is exceeded. At lower current settings, the duty cycle may be increased and the power source used for a longer period of time.

As an example, a welder with a 20% duty cycle means it can be used for 2 minutes out of 10 at a given amperage setting, and then it must cool down. A welder with a 50% duty cycle can be used for 5 minutes out of 10 at a given amperage. These are just guidelines, and each unit might run more or less at different levels. Most spec sheets will show how the duty cycle will scale from high to low settings. Most equipment is rated at 2/3 to 3/4 of its maximum output. When you are using less amps the duty cycle goes up, more amperage it goes down.

It is important to note that duty cycle becomes inaccurate when being measured over a different time period, especially a longer one. One welder might have a duty cycle of 50% at 200 amps, and this means it can run for 5 minutes out of 10 before it has to be shut down to cool off. It does not mean that the same welder can be run for 30 minutes out of an hour at 200 amps, even though 30 minutes is 50% of an hour just like 5 minutes is 50% of 10 minutes. Duty cycle must be consistently measured in a 10 minute time frame.

Ambient temperature and humidity can have some effect on the duty cycle. A machine will sense its temperature via a thermocouple, and will shut down when it exceeds its duty cycle, coming back on line when it has cooled. To improve or maintain duty cycle, run the machine at minimum amps required for the job, keep the fan area clean, and have the inside of the machine cleaned by a repair center or by yourself, making sure to unplug the power cord occasionally. In the event that the duty cycle is exceeded and the breaker is tripped, allow the MIG welder to cool down for at least 15 minutes. A rated duty cycle on any MIG welding machine is there to protect you and your welder from any long-lasting damage.

Torch Ratings

Since its inception, welding has been a major element in the production environment. Real production welding is 100% duty cycle welding, and if a facility is not welding 100% of the time, it is losing money. With a 60% duty cycle, who can afford to run for 6 out of 10 minutes and have 40% of their production time as down time? This is a very costly method of production, and is the reason why all D/F Machine Specialties torches are rated with 100% duty cycles. A properly water-cooled D/F torch that runs at 650 amps with a 100% duty cycle really means that it will run 3 shifts a day, 7 days a week, all year round at 650 amps with no need for cool down. No other torch will remove downtime like a D/F torch.

D/F Machine Specialties torches were designed for production welding. The core of these designs come from a time when all the big-box manufacturers were selling 1000 amp power supplies. It takes a very robust torch to withstand 1000 amps or to work above 1000 degree preheat. All D/F torches were designed on this premise and will last years upon years rather than mere months. D/F currently has thousands of torches in circulation that have been run for over 20-30 years.

Consumable Use

With downtime removed and the ability acquired to produce 100% of the time, D/F torches can promise an average increase in the life of consumables (tips and nozzles) of up to 7-to-1 times. A contact tip will not have to be changed every 40 minutes as it would with competitors' torches, but rather after an entire day or an 8 hour shift. The competitions' torches also have 3/4" long contact tips. The average D/F tip is 2.5"-3.5" long. The longer tips allow D/F torches to maintain the most stable arc in the industry. They provide built-in wire straightening and consist of more copper which translates to more heat dissipation. With the built-in wire straightening and longer tip, the wire comes out straight and does not wander or prematurely wear out the contact tip as it does with the competitors' 3/4" long tips. The new series of Automatic and Robotic Water-Cooled-to-the-Top torches by D/F Machine Specialties actually has the tip recessed 1" into the water-cooled, copper inner body, never allowing the copper tip to heat up and soften. Just ask around; D/F torches are famous for the fact that seconds after you weld, they can be grabbed with bare hands and will be cold to the touch.

If you are interested in learning more about D/F Machine Specialties heavy duty MIG water-cooled torches, or have questions about our capabilities, please contact us. We would be more than happy to discuss the product you are manufacturing and your current operations, including your required amperages, wire size and type, power source and feeder, size restrictions and limitations, etc. We cannot get every welding account out there, and we will be the first ones to tell you that we may or may not be able to help, but we would love the opportunity to discuss the ways that our torches may provide solutions that will benefit your welding applications.

At D/F Machine Specialties we have no outside salespeople. Our torch is our salesperson. We are more than happy to run a purchase-pending trial and evaluation with potential customers that we feel can benefit from using a heavy duty D/F torch. We look forward to running our torches against what a customer has been using for years. We know how hard it is to get a customer to try something new or to change. In almost all cases, the D/F torch will sell itself within 1 week.

Frequently Asked Questions

D/F has now added a Frequently Asked Questions page to the website! This page will be continually updated with information about Torch Maintenance, Welding Practice & Setup, Warranty & Refurbish, Troubleshooting, and more in hopes of fulfilling the needs of anyone who might have a common question about D/F's equipment or welding in general. Please visit the FAQ page.

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New Products - Automatic & Robotic Machine Torches

W/C Curved MIG Torches
The versatile D/F curved quick-change Water-Cooled Automatic and Robotic 500 amp Torch Models NCC/LRN and HTC/LRN can be used for a wide range of automatic applications. With the various angles (22° through 90°) and lengths available, a selection may be made to suit individual requirements.

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Semi-Automatic MIG

Automatic MIG

Robotic MIG

Automatic TIG

Robotic TIG



Nozzle Thread Chaser Taps

Nozzle Thread Chaser Tap
The New D/F Nozzle Thread Chaser Taps are designed to chase and tap nozzle threads to clean and repair them for better conductivity and contact.

• No need to remove the
   contact tip

• Chasing will clear debris,
   metal filings and spatter

• Re-tapping will straighten and
   clean damaged threads

• Tap sizes available for all D/F
   Nozzle Assemblies

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