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Here is your most recent issue of the High Current News e-newsletter. It's packed full of information to keep you updated with the latest MIG & TIG welding news, product information and new updates from D/F MACHINE SPECIALTIES.

D/F is a world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of MIG & TIG welding products, consumables & accessories.

NEW D/F Product Catalog

D/F CatalogD/F has released a brand new color product catalog! Featuring the most popular D/F MIG & TIG welding equipment, accessories and consumables, the catalog will cater to your informational and ordering needs.

You can request your own free copy of the catalog in two ways:

1. Email D/F at with your name, and your company's name and address of where you would like the catalog to be sent.

2. Fill out the reservation form located here.

DownloadClick to download the catalog in digital form as a PDF.

Automatic and Robotic Heavy Duty Machine Torches

Are you still running an old Linde/ESAB ST-12? They were very good torches and there are many out there still running today, though due to the years of use and abuse, they may be barely running at all. Have you found it very difficult to find torch parts and consumables? You can still buy consumables for the ST-12, but they very expensive and hard to find. The good news for ST-12 users is that we have been replacing those old ST-12 torches for years with our new and improved Water-Cooled-to-theTip torches. We would like to think that our Water-Cooled-to-theTip torches are just as good and even better. They featuring some well-needed improvements. Yes, you can still get some of the parts for the ST-12, but customers are being charged a lot of money for the tips, nozzles, tip collet nuts, etc. Since all we do at D/F is manufacture torches and consumables, we are able to keep torch and consumable prices down. Our torches and consumables are always in stock. Our torch will pay for itself in months without the high costs associated with the ST-12. Also, our torches and parts are always in stock. We ship every order here in 3 days upon receipt of a purchase order. We also do a lot of overnight orders for customers who need help.

These heavy duty machine torches are designed for high current (up to 850 amps) single arc welding. The D/F Machine Automatic Water-Cooled-to-the-Tip barrels are designed to provide long trouble-free service. They are available in 9.250" and 12.250" lengths, and each length is available with our standard size nozzles (7/16" through 3/4" ID gas cups) and our high capacity (Series A) nozzles (11/16" through 1" ID gas cups) for more gas coverage. Mounting extensions are available for when more length and reach are needed. These barrels are capable of running the full range of wires through 1/8" for stainless steel, inconel, and aluminum wires, and 5/32" for hard/cored wires. Because of the robust design of the torch and the water-cooling on the docking spool body, water-cooled nozzle and current tip, downtime and consumable cost can be greatly reduced. With the various models available, an automated MIG torch selection may be made to suit individual automated welding system requirements.

There are two different versions or profiles of this torch available:

Direct Mount Water-Cooled-to-the-Tip Barrel: Click here to read more about this version on our website.

Remote Mount Water-Cooled-to-the-Tip Barrel: Click here to read more about this version on our website.

D/F Automatic W/C-TipImprove productivity with the Automatic Water-Cooled-to-the-Tip 850 amp continuous dudy cycle machine barrels for automatic welding systems. These torches receive their utilities at 90 degrees so that direct mounting can be accomplished. These torches have been specially designed to deposit more weld metal at fast travel speeds which eliminates bottlenecks and cuts costs.

The fully Water-Cooled-to-the-Tip Remote Mount MIG Standard and Series-A Machine Torches are ideal for welding at currents up to 850 amps and large diameter wires. These torches receive their utilities at 180 degrees so that remote mounting can be accomplished. In a remote application the torch has a conduit, usually ranging from 2-15 feet.

The D/F Machine Water-Cooled-to-the-Tip Torch assemblies are designed to provide long trouble-free service. With the various models available, a contact assembly selection may be made to suit individual torch head requirements.

D/F Robotic W/C-TipThe Model NCM torch accommodates slip-in contact tips held by a collet nut. The Model HTM torch accommodates threaded contact tips. Combined the models will run .035"-1/8" hard/cored wire, and .035"-1/8" aluminum wire.

  • Increases Contact Tip Life up to 7-to-1
  • Water-Cooling on the Tip
  • Water-Cooled Nozzle Assembly
  • Torch Longevity - Years vs. Months
  • Continuous Duty Cycles up to 1000° Preheat, 850 Amps
  • Easy Connection to All OEM Machines
  • Slip-In Or Threaded Contact Tip Models Available
  • .035”-1/8” Hard/Cored, 3/64”-1/8” Aluminum
  • Direct Replacement To Linde/Esab ST-12
Hard Automation Welding
When performing higher volume repeatable applications, a hard automation setup would be ideal to achieve higher production at a lower cost. With little interaction and down time required, the D/F Automatic Water-Cooled to the Tip torches are Ideal. The torch will last years compared to months by the competition. Due to the superior water cooling, the tip will last at least a shift rather than through just a couple of parts, and will outlast the competition at least 7-to-1, and sometimes 14-to-1. The D/F Automatic Water-Cooled to the Tip torch is the right choice for your hard automation applications.

Click here to read more about the D/F Automatic (Direct Mount) Water-Cooled-to-the-Tip Machine Torches.

Click here to read more about the D/F Remote Mount Water-Cooled-to-the-Tip Machine Torches.

Due to the fact that every welding application is different because of size restrictions, access restrictions, positioning restrictions, etc., we have a solution for your unique application. By using separate utilities and a Utility Station, the D/F torches can carry more power, run cooler, provide more gas coverage, withstand extreme conditions (1000 degree pre-heat), increase weld quality (X-ray quality welds), and run the full range of wire through 1/8".

Click here to read more about D/F torch connection options.

If you have any questions about hard automation applications, D/F torch connection options, or about the D/F Fixed Automation Water-Cooled to the Tip torches, please do not hesitate to contact the factory.

32x32 logoPhone: (507) 625-6200 · Email:

We look forward to helping you with your welding applications!

Frequently Asked Questions

D/F has now added a Frequently Asked Questions page to the website! This page will be continually updated with information about Torch Maintenance, Welding Practice & Setup, Warranty & Refurbish, Troubleshooting, and more in hopes of fulfilling the needs of anyone who might have a common question about D/F's equipment or welding in general. Please visit the FAQ page.

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D/F's new Video and Photo Galleries showcase D/F equipment in action over the years, and we are constantly adding to the galleries. We want to see how our equipment helps brings out the best of your creativity and skill, or simply how your equipment is setup and used.

D/F Gallery

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Words from the Editor

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In This Issue

• NEW D/F Product Catalog

• Heavy Duty Welding Torches

• Frequently Asked Questions

• Got Projects? Submit to WIN!

• New Products

• Nozzle Thread Chaser Taps

New Products - Automatic Curved Machine Torches

W/C Curved MIG Torches
The versatile D/F curved quick-change Water-Cooled Automatic 500 amp Torch Models NCC/LRN and HTC/LRN can be used for a wide range of automatic applications. With the various angles (22° through 90°) and lengths available, a selection may be made to suit individual requirements.

Read More

Nozzle Thread Chaser Taps

Nozzle Thread Chaser Tap
The New D/F Nozzle Thread Chaser Taps are designed to chase and tap nozzle threads to clean and repair them for better conductivity and contact.

• No need to remove the
   contact tip

• Chasing will clear debris,
   metal filings and spatter

• Re-tapping will straighten and
   clean damaged threads

• Tap sizes available for all D/F
   Nozzle Assemblies

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